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F. Del Agnew , President, EquityMetrix, LLC
"EquityMetrix, an information service company in the oil and gas sector had engaged Xnergy Financial, LLC to raise capital for further business growth and development. The investment banking team at Xnergy managed the process with professionalism, and executed the transaction efficiently and effectively. Xnergy introduced EquityMetrix to a wide number of financial partners and investors and managed the process to successfully close with the right financial partner. EquityMetrix is pleased with the level of professional service, experience and extensive investor relationships Xnergy provided. EquityMetrix highly recommends Xnergy as an investment banking firm to emerging growth companies who seek capital."
November 21, 2013

Marshall D. , Business Intermediary, Pacific Continental Realty
"I had the opportunity to discuss a business dealing with Nia and was highly impressed with her business knowledge, experience and complete professionalism. Nia is a powerhouse-- of deal making, expertise and experience. Thoroughly recommended!!!"
June 22, 2012

Trish Lee , Nelson Shelton & Associates
"Nia is a savvy business woman who is an excellent negotiator and knowledgeable about many aspects of business. If you are in need of someone to help you raise money for your business, you can definitely use Nia and Xnergy LLC."
November 10, 2011

Cheryl Shuman C.E.O., CherylShuman.com
"I am fortunate to have met Nia in Beverly Hills where she was already at the forefront of marketing and networking. Nia is one of the best in the industry! I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future and highly recommend her to others.
January 2, 2010

Robert K. Whyte Founding Managing Partner, Diamond Capital Partners
"Mere words do not describe how much I like and respect Nia. Smart, ahead of the curve, great business person and beautiful in and out, I truly like working with her on projects. I have known Nia for many years, and respect her sharp ability to understand complex financial problems. I am pleased to call her my friend and business associate."
September 10, 2009

Ed Mccabe President, Gruppo, Levey & Co
"Nia, was a high energy manager with a firm grasp of business and compliance issues. She listens and addresses matters directly and clearly. Pleasure to both work for and with."
September 2, 2009

Paul Soscia Owner, High Falls Consulting
"I found Nia to be very analytical in sorting out complex business issues with practical and economically sound solutions. She is a quick study in understanding the myriad of technologies she is confronted with.regarding potential clients that were not a fit for Xnergy's investment criteria, she would offer solid alternatives that they might explore in an attempt to reach their objectives."
August 17, 2009

Bill Reichert Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures
Nia and Xnergy are a great team. They are good people, plugged in, hard-working, and well respected."
July 31, 2009

Dan Shiff, Vice President, Asset Owner Group - Prime Brokerage Sales, Morgan Stanley
"Nia, is on top of her game, professional, hard-working, honest, instills integrity, is a team player, and most importantly GETS IT DONE! At all costs. I use her as my banker any day."
July 30, 2009

Jane Linter| Media Professional Producer/Director, StyleZoneTV Productions, inc.
"Nia was first introduced to me via a group of established Lawyer friends in Los Angeles. I have several projects I have developed with Nia over the years. She is a Stellar businesswoman, with a trackrecord of proven successes. Her legal and business skills are first rate and her business acumen is second to none. I often turn to her for advise, business analysis and market trends. She is the leader of the pack in terms of business prowess!"
July 29, 2009

Khalid Pervaiz Senior VP, Merrill Lynch
"Nia is full of energy and very goal oriented.
July 29, 2009

Suzan Brittan-Gault Owner, Brittan House Entertainment
"These are the facts about NIA:
It was a pleasure and an honor to work with Nia and she is an asset to any business that wants to work with her. She is flexible, relate able and understands the mechanics of a deal. I recommend her as a professional and more importantly as a person."
July 29, 2009

Paul Goldman Principal, Goldman Holdings, LLC
I've known Nia Stefany for going on 8 years now and in all that time she's provided consistent, learned and level headed advisory services with integrity. Her perspective and relationships have been invaluable to our firm. I highly recommend Nia.
July 29, 2009

Sarah Kirkpatrick Business Consulting Firm, The Patent Department
"I have known and worked with Nia Stefany on a variety of business projects for over ten years both in San Diego and in Los Angeles. I knew Nia as a young attorney just out of law school and have worked with her as she has progressed as a banker and opening her own firm at Xnergy. Nia is hard working and personable. She is also instinctive is putting people together. I would recommend Nia as both a client and business partner."
July 29, 2009

Richard Lange Director of Business Development, Stonefield Josephson
Nia is a very talented and detail oriented banker and business woman. Nia understand all aspects of the financing and operational sides of the business. She has an amazing rolodex and is constantly creating new and different ways to help companies achieve their goals. I would strongly recommend you speak with her and get to know Nia."
July 29, 2009

Bob Palladino, MBA Founder, Med Tech Transfer
"Nia is an energetic, brilliant professional with great vision and ideas. She has an extensive network of investors and corporate contacts which provide significant value to her clients."
July 29, 2009

Lawrence Schiavi
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
July 29, 2009

Craig Isaac Senior Account Executive, Emblaze Systems/WebRadio.com
"I am fortunate to have met Nia during the dot-com revolution where she was already at the forefront of investment banking and networking. Responsible for introducing me to LinkedIn in 2004, she is always looking out for ways that she can support her associates."
July 29, 2009

Mark Hamade, People Officer, DATASKILL
"Nia is extremely intelligent, hard working, and one of the best in the industry that I have come across. She is honest and forthright, yet always willing to help and support. Anytime I have asked her anything or requested something, she has been gracious and extremely helpful. I am honored and humbled to know her. If I could describe her in one word, it would be she is impeccable."
July 29, 2009

Buck Jones Owner, Andromedae Corp.
"I have known Nia for over 8 years and she is one of the top, most intelligent ladies I have had the pleasure of knowing. Concrete advice from Nia is based on her education, professional network, and field experience. I recommend her and her company Xnergy for any project that one might need help with.
July 29, 2009

Brian Zucker Managing Member, Zucker & Associates, LLP
"Nia's passion and determination are her keys to success. I have no doubt she can achieve great goals for both her firm and clients. It is a pleasure to be associated with Nia."
July 29, 2009

Alan Rude President, R W Wentworth & Co., Inc
"Nia is a professional investment banker with excellent communications skills and good follow-through. She is energetic and intelligent and I believe that she has the highest ethics. I would endorse her as a business colleague without reservation."
July 29, 2009

Lauriann Wright
"I would highly refer any of my clients or colleagues to Nia for their m&a, securities, and business advisory needs. She is very experienced, smart, and very good at what she does. And a pleasure to work with."
October 17, 2008