Our Company

When To Work With Us

From startup to sale, we are there every step of the way.

Any time is the right time. We provide a comprehensive suite of services during all phases of our clients' businesses. From strategy to design to implementation, we create solutions that bring tangible value to our clients.


We assist each client in finding and buying the perfect business. Each acquisition specialist will determine our client's needs and search for suitable candidates. We participate in a global network of business sellers and buyers, making the search much faster and more efficient. We determine the value of the candidate so our client will know the right price. We conduct due diligence reviews, assist in negotiating the deal, and help find financing.


For startup clients, we provide assistance with: selection of a form of business entity; development of a business plan; preparation of projections and forecasts; determination of capital requirements; obtaining equity and debt financing; tax planning; and management and marketing consulting.


For our clients in the growth phase, we assist our clients with: strategic planning; mezzanine financing; capital restructuring and refinancing; debt reduction; cash flow management; cost control and reduction; accounting and auditing; management consulting; tax planning and structuring; executive compensation; incentive and pension planning; computer, information and other technological systems; tax rulings; tax appeals; and litigation support.


For a client expanding into new products or markets by acquisition or merger, we assist our client with: finding suitable candidates; negotiations; financial forecasts and valuation; due diligence reviews; financing; audit; fairness opinions; tax planning; and consulting services regarding operational, personnel, legal and financial issues both before and after the acquisition or merger.


For a client selling its business, our merger and acquisition specialists research and locate prospective purchasers. We determine the value of the business and negotiate the most favorable sale terms. Our tax specialists will help with tax planning to minimize the tax cost of the sale and maximize the proceeds to our client.