Aerospace, Defense & Government


Xnergy Financial delivers experience and knowledge to the diverse aerospace and defense industry with a team of professionals possessing significant investment banking experience. We offer a broad range of investment banking products and services to meet the needs of our client base. While the globally the aerospace and defense industry has not been immune to the current economic enviornment, the overall long- term prospects for the industry remain strong. Through our broad contacts and extensive transaction experience, we can assist you in origination, structuring, and executing the transactions that can allow you to take advantage of the current industry environment. In this highly specialized and cyclical industry our strong credentials provide us with a broad understanding of the economic and technological trends that drive the strategic needs of our clients. Xnergy Financial will assist with merger & acquisition advisory, private capital raising, and financial advisory services to aerospace and defense companies. We utilize our resources to guide you through every phase of the transaction process from preparation to post-closing. Our dedicated team understands that each company has a complicated set of issues to consider, and Xnergy Financial will work with you to reach your organizational goals.

Areas to include: