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Futuristic Food Prep Takes
Convenience to New heights
(NU)- Most of us didn't expect the glittering technology on "The Jetsons" to make an appearance in reality -- at least not in this lifetime. But, a machine that sounds suspiciously like Jane Jetson's automatic food preparer has already been perfected, except it only prepares pizza. That's right, an automated pizzeria.

With the single push of a button, hungry eyes can watch a machine spread out dough, sprinkle toppings and bake a pizza without a physical operator.

The Pizzametry Automatic Pizza Vending Machine is about the size of a soda dispenser. The entire process takes all of three and a half minutes, and the result is a fresh, evenly cooked eight-inch personal pizza. Since no hands ever touch the pizza or its ingredients, the 24-hour pizzeria is completely sanitary.

"In New York City, it's possible to find fresh pizza -- good pizza -- on just about every other city block," explains Pizzametry's president and co-CEO John Kavazanjian. "But what about the places where 'pizza' means pre-packaged, additive-heavy food from a freezer? Our automatic pizzerias can be installed in airports, army bases, hospitals, convenience stores, college dorms, roadside rest stops and beyond."

It really does look like futuristic food preparation has arrived. For example, two Danish students from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design created a raincoat that catches rain water and converts it into purified drinking water.

In another instance, a French baker had an idea similar to Pizzametry's founder,

Imagine fresh-baked pizza
straight from a vending

Puzant Khatchadourian. But, instead of a vending machine that makes pizza using natural, fresh ingredients, the baker designed a baguette vending machine. Just like the automated pizzeria, it rolls out warm, freshly baked baguettes 24 hours around the clock.

Pizzametry management believes it will revolutionize the quick-service food industry, according to Alexei Muniak of Xnergy Financial (, an investment banking firm specializing in capital structuring for emerging growth companies. With the guidance of Xnergy Financial, Pizzametry is set up to have the right structure critical for business success.

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From Ordinary Dinner
Party to Terrific After Party
(NU)-According to Alex Hitz, author of the new cookbook "My Beverly Hills Kitchen: Classic Southern Cooking With a French Twist," the dinner party is the great social equalizer.

But, with the advent of Happy Hour, the idolization of restaurants and an overall emphasis on digital congregation, some argue the dinner party as we know it is dying. The New York Times went so far as to call such gatherings "outmoded."

So, let's step it up a notch. Take the classic dinner party and give it a fresh coat of paint: turn it into a terrific after party. There's no reason your guests have to go home by 9 p.m. Build on the great conversation and delicious recipes of dinner by serving fun cocktails and tempting desserts.

Hint: Start the after party off the right way by offering friends dessert with a little kick. Like what? Like alcohol-infused ice cream.

That's right, folks. Now, when picking up a bottle of wine for dinner, hosts and hostesses can grab a box of creamy and icy treats -- called SnoBar ( -- where each serving equals one full cocktail.

Anyone can kick off an after party by serving Margarita or Cosmopolitan ice-pops, all made with premium tequila, vodka and triple sec. SnoBar also makes alcohol-infused ice cream and sorbet in a variety of creative flavors.

For instance, Pink Squirrel ice cream is made with brandy and almond liqueur for a sweet, ambrosial flavor. Or, try Grasshopper -- a minty alternative with brandy and creme de menthe. Other SnoBar flavors include Brandy Alexander and Brandy Alexander Chocolate Chip.

Turn your next dinner party
into an after party with
dancing and entertainment.

If any of your guests are chocolate lovers,one of the Brandy flavors is a must.

If this tasty treat sounds like something you wish were in your area, you're in luck. Soon, SnoBar treats will be available nationwide. Its market strategy focuses on multiple state expansion with a national distribution capacity -- and a national liquer license.

"SnoBar management believes that, with its marketing plan and the guidance of Xnergy Financial, they are primed to have the right capital structure for success," says Alexei Muniak of Xnergy Financial (, an investment banking firm specializing in capital structuringfor emerging-growth companies.

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Senior Housing Market Swells
With Investment Potential
(NU)-America's elderly are one of the fastest-growing segments of the population. As a group, senior citizens over age 85 are expected to double between now and 2030. While people are wondering what Social Security will look like in the coming years, senior housing is another rising concern.

Some families are in a position to shelter older relatives, but those who don't have that option are looking at nursing homes or assisted living facilities.
Since assisted living is preferred five to one over nursing homes, it's not too surprising that the market for new properties is expanding.

The demand for assisted living facilties will continue to surge as the population ages. Plus, it's need-driven for elderly folks who can't live alone due to certain conditions, like Alzheimers.
It's this demand that makes senior housing great for investment opportunities.

"Whenever we look at the rapidly aging population in America and the lack of meaningful new construction, we realize how strong the assisted living market will be for the next decade," says Gary Langendoen, senior managing director of Madison Realty Companies.

"The opportunity to expand assisted living properties by adding more beds and to include memory care sections in properties provides significant value-added opportunities to this asset class."

There's new real estate demand as senior citizens move into nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Currently, small regional operators own the majority of stable assisted living establishments, or they're of the mom-and-pop variety. According to Alexei Muniak of Xnergy Financial (, an investment banking firm specializing in capital structuring for emerging-growth companies, it's simple -- Madison Realty management sees a huge opportunity in assisted living real estate.

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